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Everyone can start a project.


SCRIPTtoMOVIE® works best when as many members as possible are connected to a team. However, a project can be prepped by just one person. The owner has special access to import a script and create a production schedule.

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SCRIPTtoMOVIE® knows the specific role of every user and adapts its user interface automatically to everybody’s individual needs. Users only see pages and areas relevant to their work, but at the same time they profit from others logging in to the same data pool, therefore eliminating tedious transferring of information. Changes in the script or the production schedule are immediately visible to all members with the appropriate clearance.


SCRIPTtoMOVIE®’s user interface and menu prompts have been developed in brand new ways. The look is as important as the user friendliness. Members should feel at home quickly and not worry about being prompted to adapt to a brand new way of working. There are ways of scheduling work flow according to scenes, characters, themes or locations. Every piece of information entered will later be available automatically in the summary of daily scheduling. SCRIPTtoMOVIE® records changes automatically. Users can log in to a scene’s protocol at any time which allows them to keep track of all the changes other team members may have made.

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SCRIPTtoMOVIE® works with an integrated production schedule supporting the daily work flow. Traditionally as Stäbchenplan, horizontally and vertically. It draws data automatically out of all the creative departments. Logistical planning has never been linked as tightly to the creative side. The script and the production schedule are the pillars of SCRIPTtoMOVIE. However, both retain flexibility and mobility at all time.

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SCRIPTtoMOVIE includes a brand new and unique memo system. Creativity is paramount. Every member can contribute ideas by attaching notes or memos. SCRIPTtoMOVIE collects and sorts these notes so the creator can come back to this section of the script, the character, the scene or the location, wherever the note was attached. Notes can also be sent to individual team members or the members can be invited to a chat regarding a note.

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SCRIPTtoMOVIE® is safe. Our servers are located in Germany and comply with German data security and privacy laws. The owner of a project has the opportunity to guard his script pages with a watermark. With that there’s never a question who generated a report or a page. For the first time watermarks can be applied to all areas of the project, wherever script pages appear as part of a film software.

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SCRIPTtoMOVIE® makes casting easier thanks to the digital set card. Every director, casting agent or producer can create their own casting-archive and cast actors, extras, stunt people etc. via the integrated platform SCRIPTtoMOVIE® CAST PRO.

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SCRIPTtoMOVIE® includes a current catalogue of available equipment. With just a few clicks of the mouse the director of photography, lighting technician, grip or members of other technical departments can create a list of equipment needed and use and share it between projects. There is an option to track your own equipment and combine it with the SCRIPTtoMOVIE’s catalogue.

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